You do not have to be a green thumb to incorporate lush new landscaping into your Los Angeles home restoration project. That is what we are here for! Whether you are considering giving your yard a total face lift or are starting your project from the ground up, our landscaping designers and builders can help you curate exactly the look you want.

Quality landscaping can be enjoyed daily and also adds value to your home. The best landscape work makes use of native plants and others that grow well in our area, while expertly creating scenery that looks beautiful in all seasons. Landscaping can hide parts of your home’s exterior if you wish, or accent its best architectural details. In short, landscaping improves your property and shows that you have pride in your home.

Hiring professional landscapers is very advantageous because the success of your plants thriving depends on so much more than planting and watering. Proper drainage is vital, and that can require creating a graded surface or a swale to direct water appropriately. Especially in the hilly grounds of our region, planning around steep slopes and differing levels of direct sunlight can be a challenge best left to a professional.

There are also dozens of decisions to make regarding placement of plants, giving consideration to sunshine and how different plants will succeed or struggle when planted near each other.

Our team listens carefully and works with you to determine what plants and colors will create a mood and stunning visuals in your landscaping. We can help you find options based on your budget and the size and shape of your property, so that the end result will maximize the quality and appearance of the landscape work.

We’re there for you at all times to improve and maintain the quality of your landscaping. We specialize in whole-property design and installation of landscaping as well as renovation projects and redesigns. As the seasons change and your own preferences evolve, we work with you to make sure our landscape work meets your expectations. So put down the gardening tools and let our construction experts handle the dirty work!